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How to Upgrade Your Existing Security Doors for Better Protection

a security door being installed

Upgrading your existing security doors is a crucial step in enhancing the safety and security of your home or business. Improved security not only provides better protection but also offers peace of mind. At High Roller Doors, we understand the importance of safety and security. That’s why we’ve created this article to guide you through […]

How Do You Fix A Stuck Roller Shutter?

steel roller shutter doors

Roller shutters are a great solution, particularly in places were security is important. However, they can occasionally get stuck. If your shutter is damaged, you’ll probably need to seek professional repairs. However, there are some simple tricks you can try first which might solve the problem. We’ve put together a quick troubleshooting guide, which you […]

Your Guide To Heavy Duty Security Doors

Blue steel security door

Many industrial spaces need to ensure that their spaces are safe. This should start with choosing the right heavy duty security doors to keep intruders at bay. These are often seen in many commercial spaces, including offices, hotels, storage facilities and retail spaces. There are many great benefits to these doors; we’re going to list […]

High Speed Doors: A Guide To Fast Action Shutters

Green roller door

There are many applications where high speed doors will be a huge asset. As the name implies, they’re designed to operate quickly. There are a few reasons why you might have a need for speed. You may have a busy workplace where people need to move around quickly. Or, you could have industrial fridges where […]

What Are Sectional Doors?

Blue roller door

It probably won’t come as a surprise to you that sectional doors are made up of sections. However, there’s more to them than that. We’ve put together this short, informative guide so you can learn all about them. How Do Sectional Doors Work? Sectional doors work somewhat similarly to roller doors. There are usually around […]

Roller Doors Explained

Red roller door

Roller doors are usually used for garages, but are also popular in commercial settings where security is important. Their composition means they’re durable, secure and difficult to penetrate. As a made to measure product, they should fit seamlessly and can come in a range of colours and styles. There’s a few things that you need […]

The Different Types Of Security Doors Available

Blue steel security door

Security doors can benefit a range of businesses from office spaces to factory buildings. They are an essential safety measure when it comes to protecting a property and the people who use it. There are many advantages of security doors, such as: Keeping your property safe Deterring intruders Fire protection Added property value So, what […]

When To Call A Professional For Roller Door Repairs

Yellow garage door

Getting roller door repairs is sometimes necessary. It can be frustrating when these things stop working, especially if you are running a business. A great aspect of these installations is their ease of use, security and privacy features. However, when damaged, they are unlikely to give these benefits. Here are just a few indications that […]

Why You Should Choose Roller Shutter Doors For Your Business

Barn with roller door

Interested in roller shutter doors? They are essential for many commercial properties and also great for your home. From protecting shopfronts to making easy exits for warehouses, these doors come with many benefits. Here are just some of the advantages of having these robust entries: Better Security When it comes to your home or business, […]

The Importance Of A Good Quality Security Door

yellow security doors

Many businesses are failing to see the importance of good quality security doors. Did you know, a business in Birmingham is targeted by crime every 15 minutes according to 2019 data? These figures would suggest that investment in increased security measures is money well spent, and reinforcing your entry points is a great place to […]

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