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The Importance Of A Good Quality Security Door

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Many businesses are failing to see the importance of good quality security doors.

Did you know, a business in Birmingham is targeted by crime every 15 minutes according to 2019 data? These figures would suggest that investment in increased security measures is money well spent, and reinforcing your entry points is a great place to start. But why are they so crucial? Let’s find out.

An Intimidating Security Door Deters Opportunists

Contrary to what Hollywood would have you believe, criminals are often put off when there are added obstacles. As such, security doors are fantastic deterrents for prospective vandals or thieves. It would take a burglar far longer to breach a good quality security door, thus increasing the risk of getting caught or interrupted. As a result, your property is less likely to be targeted in the first place.

Your Goods & Equipment Are Better Protected

A steel door or roller shutter better protects your goods and equipment. Your business will be less likely to experience significant loss as a result of damage or theft when you reinforce your business premises. There are many victims of crime when a business is subjected to robbery, arson or vandalism. After all, when assets are lost this can impact on profitability, which in turn may affect staff, customers and owners.

Security Doors Reduce Insurance Premiums

Not only can high-level secure doors save you from losses, but they can also reduce your insurance premium and SAVE you money year on year. One of the main determinants when calculating insurance is the security of the premise. As such, the better your reinforcement, the less you’ll pay to protect yourself should the worst happen.

Security Doors Are Cheaper Than High Tech Alternatives

Fortified doors are a cost effective alternative to expensive CCTV and surveillance equipment. While we believe these measure work well together, if you are looking for measures that are effective yet affordable, upgrading your doors is an ideal first step. To that end, if you haven’t got surveillance in place then your entryways should be protected with a high quality product that can stand up to attack.

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Industry-Approved Fire Protection Doors

You can also choose doors that protect your premises against fire. Fire protection security doors are heavy duty and built from industry-approved inflammable materials that will slow down spread in the event of a fire. What’s more, fire doors are a legal requirement for all non-residential buildings. So, if your premises isn’t up to par, you should contact the High Roller team.

A Wide Range Of Products Available for All Budgets

Upgrading needn’t break the bank. In fact, High Roller Industrial Doors in Birmingham have a wide range of products to choose from and can discuss options to help find you a solution that meets your needs and budget. Choose from robust, Zinktec stainless steel swing doors for standard entry, to large shutters for warehouses, perfect for:

Discuss Quality Security Door Installation in Birmingham Today!

If you’re interested to learn more about how upgrading your security doors could benefit your business, in Birmingham and the wider Midlands area, then contact the High Roller Industrial Doors team now on 01675 481 111 for a no-obligation discussion.


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