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Get in touch with our specialist team today for industrial door repairs in Birmingham and the surrounding areas. We can keep your doors in great condition and full working order with our 24/7 emergency repairs, and we also provide regular servicing and maintenance. A secure, fully operational door is vital for protecting your property against theft and vandalism. So, if your shutter or sectional door has become stuck or a lock has broken, make us your first call.

We offer a quick response to all enquiries. For 24 hour emergency assistance, get in touch with us today.

Roller Door Repairs

Faults and damage can occur at any time, which is why we offer our customers round the clock roller door repairs. Whether you have manual or automatic shutters, we can get them functioning again as soon as possible. Our specialists can repair broken slats or replace an electric motor, so no matter the issue you are facing, we are here to help.

Roller doors may need repairs for all sorts of reasons. Mechanical failure can be the issue, but impact damage can also occur. Because your roller doors provide access to and from your facility, we know that downtime must be kept to a minimum. To ensure you don’t have to suffer downtime for too long, we carry out our roller door repairs as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Industrial Door Servicing

As well as roller door repairs, we also offer regular servicing and maintenance plans. By regularly inspecting your doors, we can spot any minor issues and address these problems before any major faults occur. We have years of experiencing working with all door types and can advise you on the best service plan and frequency for your requirements.

We can also offer advice and training to ensure your roller doors are being used correctly. In some cases, the doors aren’t being fully opened while in use, leading to bumps and scrapes which can result in damage. To ensure this unnecessary damage doesn’t keep happening, we’ll keep you informed and make sure you know exactly how to operate your doors at all times.


Read through some of our frequently asked questions about our repair services below:

There are a number of remedies you can try to fix stuck roller shutter components. By using lubricants such as WD-40, you may be able to loosen up the mechanisms to get them moving smoothly again. However, shutters can also get jammed by other mechanical or electrical faults, so if you are still struggling to open or close your door, we can investigate further.

Despite these doors being very easy to maintain, servicing is required for shutters in order to keep them in full working order. Servicing will also make them last longer and ensure they operate reliably and safely. We always recommend regular maintenance as this can prevent problems, and is often less expensive and time consuming than repairing the door when something unexpectedly goes wrong!

This will depend on the type of damage or fault we are dealing with, however we always aim to complete any work as soon as possible. Most repairs can be completed within a couple of hours, and we can also provide you with closer estimate after we have inspected your system. For more information, why not speak to a member of our helpful team today?

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