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Roller doors are usually used for garages, but are also popular in commercial settings where security is important. Their composition means they’re durable, secure and difficult to penetrate. As a made to measure product, they should fit seamlessly and can come in a range of colours and styles. There’s a few things that you need to consider when choosing your model, let’s take a look.

How Much Room Is There?

As the name suggests, roller doors roll up and down to open and close. When the door is rolled open, it needs somewhere to go. This is called head room, and taller doors usually require more head room than ones that are shorter. There are other options for areas where this isn’t possible, but it’s fairly uncommon to require this.

Roller Doors For Commercial Security

Garages aren’t the only places that benefit from the security that roller doors provide. Businesses like shops and cafes can be fitted with these systems as well. This means that when you’ve closed up for the day, you can roll down the shutters and keep your valuables away from prying eyes. In addition, you can also fit your doors with sophisticated security systems. If there’s any suspicious activity or attempted break ins on your commercial premises, your secure roller shutters should keep them at bay long enough for assistance to arrive.

Additional Security

As well as security systems, your roller doors can be fitted with even more secure features. Galvanised models are available, which means they’re lightweight yet incredibly robust. These are fitted with a T-bar section for even more strength. You can also fit automatic mechanisms, so you open and close your door with the click of a button.

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Custom Roller Doors

Businesses and homeowners alike can benefit from the wide range of colours available. As a custom product, your roller doors can be created in any colour that you like. At High Roller, we offer Plastisol and powder coatings. Plastisol is an excellent coating material, as it adds a layer of protective plastic coating to your doors.

For Roller Doors, Choose High Roller

We are a Birmingham-based company that manufacture bespoke security doors for commercial and domestic customers. If you’re interested in purchasing any of our products, get in contact today.


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