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The Different Types Of Security Doors Available

Blue steel security door

Security doors can benefit a range of businesses from office spaces to factory buildings. They are an essential safety measure when it comes to protecting a property and the people who use it. There are many advantages of security doors, such as:

So, what kind do you need? Here are just some applications of our heavy-duty doors.

Secure Personnel Entry

If you want to protect a building and provide it with a safe entrance for staff, investing in personnel security doors is advised. As employees can come and go from a property quite often, a personnel entry can be used to increase safety. These can be set up so that only certain people with the right access can get inside. Perhaps you have industrial shutter doors already and need a secure pedestrianised entry to the building. These are perfect for factories, shops and many other types of businesses for better privacy.

Security door

Fire Protection Security Doors

This type of door is important when it comes to following fire safety regulations for businesses. Its purpose is to save lives in the event of a fire. These are used inside buildings to help prevent the spread of fire, smoke, and gases from getting through to other rooms. They help to protect property and the people in it by creating barriers which manage a blaze.

Emergency Exits

For non-domestic buildings, ensuring emergency exits are up to standard is essential. As seen in the name, they are needed to get out of a building when there’s a threat inside, such as a fire. These doors need to be robust, but also easy to open when needed. They can be fitted with a push bar to quickly and efficiently exit a building, whilst keeping it secure from the outside.

steel fire doors

Contact Us Now For Quality Security Doors

Whether your business is looking for fire safety measures, emergency exits or personnel entries, High Roller Industrial Doors can help. We offer fully customisable security doors so they can be adapted for any application.


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