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What Are Sectional Doors?

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It probably won’t come as a surprise to you that sectional doors are made up of sections. However, there’s more to them than that. We’ve put together this short, informative guide so you can learn all about them.

How Do Sectional Doors Work?

Sectional doors work somewhat similarly to roller doors. There are usually around five sections on these doors, and when they’re opened they’re designed to follow a curved path with each section following in behind the other. Because they don’t need to roll up neatly above the opening, less head room is required than there is for a roller door.

What Are The Benefits Of Sectional Doors?

The requirement for less head room is very useful for many applications, particularly garages where space is limited. They also don’t need to swing out in order to open. This means that you can safely park a vehicle very close to the garage without any risk of it damaging your car when you open and close the sectional door. This is also useful in commercial settings, like warehouses where doors need to be opened and closed regularly around vehicles and machinery.

Because they only open upwards and fold away under the ceiling when opened, sectional doors can be fitted to non-standard doorways. Therefore, if your garage has an archway or otherwise unusual opening, a sectional door will still be a great solution.

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Easy Pedestrian Entry

You can even fit pedestrian doors to these models, which fold away neatly with the rest of the garage door when it’s opened. This means they’re a great choice for environments where you may not want to open the entire door for access. Garages, for example, are often used as access to the home for people as well as cars. If you’re simply walking into your home through the garage door, a sectional door fitted with pedestrian access means you’ll lose less heat when entering.

For Sectional Doors, Choose High Roller Industrial Doors

We can fit all manner of secure doors to your home or commercial premises. If sectional doors are something that’s taken your fancy, get in touch with us today.


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