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When To Call A Professional For Roller Door Repairs

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Getting roller door repairs is sometimes necessary. It can be frustrating when these things stop working, especially if you are running a business. A great aspect of these installations is their ease of use, security and privacy features. However, when damaged, they are unlikely to give these benefits.

Here are just a few indications that you might need to call in help from the professionals:

Visible Damage

Any obvious damage that is going to impact the day-to-day function of the doors will need to be fixed quickly. Ensure you get roller door repairs as soon as you spot any faults, these might even turn into larger problems. With constant use, there are bound to be a few issues in its lifetime. Whether that be accidental knocks or maybe even an attempted break-in, it’s important not to compromise the function of the doors. Whether it’s broken slats or large dents, these could affect the daily operation and should be fixed immediately.  

Roller door mechanism

Motor Problems

Another reason why you may need roller door repairs is any problems with the opening mechanism. If you opted for a motorised function, then it can be a pain when they experience faults. If it keeps stopping or makes strange noises, there could be a few reasons why it is not working properly. To get back to full functionality, call in help from the professionals.

Fixing Jams

It can be annoying when a door doesn’t work properly. Whether it is completely jammed or just won’t fully open or close, then roller door repairs are required.  If it’s just stuck, it could be fixed simply by loosening up the mechanism with WD-40. If that doesn’t sort the job out, it’s time to get help.

Get In Touch With Us Today For Roller Door Repairs

If you are experiencing any of the above problems, then contact High Roller Industrial Doors now. We also recommend regular servicing to ensure your doors stay in great condition. Maintenance will reduce the chances of things going wrong, making sure they operate reliably, and your door lasts for longer.


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