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Your Guide To Heavy Duty Security Doors

Blue steel security door

Many industrial spaces need to ensure that their spaces are safe. This should start with choosing the right heavy duty security doors to keep intruders at bay. These are often seen in many commercial spaces, including offices, hotels, storage facilities and retail spaces. There are many great benefits to these doors; we’re going to list a few here.

Deter Intruders

The right heavy duty security doors will deter intruders before considering entering the building. Most criminals won’t bother making attempts to infiltrate premises with good security measures. If your doors can prove that it will take them too much time and effort to try and enter, they’re likely to leave you alone. This also pays off by reducing the need to source repairs.

Design Your Security Doors

Security doors come with a range of optional extras. You can fit dead locks, sash locks, multi point locks, code locks or even magnetic locks. If you already have security systems like access control, you can get doors which are designed to work with this. You have the freedom to choose the security measures that you wish to use on your property, so you can allow authorised access to the building.

Fire Safety

Because heavy duty security doors are made of durable steel and are designed to shut tight, they can also make great fire exits. A good fire door can keep fire contained in a building for anywhere from 30 to 360 minutes. This is important because it prevents fire from spreading further than the building that it started in. Be sure to check your exact model to confirm that it meets the minimum fire safety standards if this a requirement.

Grey security door

Make Your Employees Feel Safe

Heavy duty doors provide peace of mind to your staff that they’re protected. It doesn’t matter whether the workplace is a standard office or a sensitive facility, everyone benefits from the peace of mind that security doors offer. Knowing that the likelihood of an intrusion is very low encourages a relaxed work environment where people feel protected.

For Heavy Duty Security Doors, Choose High Roller

If you need to purchase heavy duty doors for your property or workplace, get in touch with us today. We offer a number of makes and models and can fit additional security features of your choice. Contact us today to discuss the options we have available.


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