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If you need sectional doors in Birmingham or elsewhere in the West Midlands, you have come to the right place. We design, manufacture and install a wide range of insulated doors suitable for all applications. From domestic garage entrances to industrial loading bays, you can create a custom design to suit all of your requirements. Furthermore, we also provide fast action doors for areas with high traffic flows, guaranteeing smooth and easy operation for your convenience.

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Insulated Sectional Doors

Our insulated sectional doors are the perfect choice for both domestic and commercial properties as they offer a reliable solution to all of your access needs. These sectional or ‘overhead’ styles are constructed using panel sections that are built to withstand heavy usage. Our designs are available with either 610x40mm or 500x50mm deep insulated panels that both exceed building industry regulation requirements. They offer high levels of insulation to keep valuable heat in, while also keeping noise and air pollution out!

These energy efficient doors can make a vast difference to the internal temperature of your building by keeping it as consistent as possible. Another useful benefit of these styles is their space-saving design as they scroll up and follow the roof line, meaning you can retain all of your floor space. They also have fewer moving components than roller shutters, meaning they often require less maintenance and upkeep.

Secure Sectional Doors

Sectional doors are not easy to penetrate, and are widely considered as the safest type of garage door on the market. There are no pivot points or straightforward ways to enter, particularly if you choose a model without an integrated access point. Therefore, the items you choose to store behind your sectional doors are safe from harm. This makes them an excellent choice for garages where valuable vehicles may be parked. You can also fit them with remote-control, automated operation, so you can drive in and out with ease.

High Speed Doors

Does your entrance or loading bay experience high traffic? If so, high speed doors are a great way to ensure your daily operations run even more smoothly! You can say goodbye to waiting for slow, conventional doors to open with our fast action options that make speed and efficiency a priority. Our products are easy to operate, and our experts can talk you through all of the automation options you can choose from.

As well as streamlining your operation, these doors also have a number of other advantages. They improve safety by reducing the chance of collisions, and you can reduce heat loss while preventing draughts and dust from being blown into the building.

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Custom Overhead Sectional Doors

With us, you can create your own custom overhead sectional doors. They are available in any size, and you can choose from a cellulose paint finish or other glazed options in various colours. We offer a comprehensive approach, meaning that we will take care of the design, manufacturing and installation requirements. So, why delay? Book your free site survey today.

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Give us a call to discuss our range of sectional doors in Birmingham today. Whether you need a secure garage door or need access points in an industrial setting, we can help. With many styles, sizes and additional features available, we can fit a custom sectional door that meets your exact needs.

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